Ag Museum

Mangini Agricultural Museum
The Mangini Agricultural Museum opened at the county fairgrounds in Antioch in the summer of 1998. The Fair Board named the building in honor of Louis Mangini, for his service to the Fair and the Contra Costa community.

The days when Contra Costa County was mostly farms and ranches are gone, but important elements of our agricultural past are being preserved at the museum. After completion of the museum and additional fundraising, a classroom and garden were added and an educational program began in 2003.

Educational Program
Our educational program focuses on agriculture, food, nutrition, and the environment.

The goals of the program are to educate youth about:

  • The origin of food and fiber from plants and animals, the path food takes to get to the table, and how food nourishes us.
  • Our agricultural heritage and historical farm equipment, as well as the top five agricultural commodities of our county.
  • Environmental issues, such as water conservation, composting, recycling, and organic food production.
    Facts about farm animals
  • To accomplish these goals, the facility offers hands-on educational programs, tours, and seasonal events

What We Offer

Sponsored by the Contra Costa County Farm Bureau in collaboration with Mangini Agricultural Museum and UC Cooperative Extension Educational Programs Students will explore the origin of food and fiber from plants and animals, our agricultural heritage, and plant a flower to take home. Small groups of students will rotate through stations that focus on agriculture, food, gardening, and the environment.

Who: K-5th grade students (Limited to 60-120 students)

When: Call for available dates

Time: Approx. 9:30AM – 11:30AM, lunch in the picnic area is optional

Where: Mangini Agricultural Museum, 1201 W. 10th St., Antioch (located at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds)

Cost: There is no fee to attend. The Farm Bureau will reimburse your school for busing to the site (up to $300.00).

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Marisa Neelon
Ph: 925-646-6128

Harriett Zych
Ph: 925-625-0646

Students will have an opportunity to explore our agricultural history in the museum. They will also discover that food does not originate from a grocery store, but from a garden or farm and that many of the products they use daily originate from plants and animals. Specific activities depend on the grade level and the season. Call for our current list of field trip offerings.

The facility can accommodate schools and youth groups who desire a more in-depth exploration of agriculture, gardening, or nutrition. Projects can occur over several months to allow for experimentation, research, or to allow youth to acquire attitudes and skills necessary to make healthy food choices and adopt habits that protect the environment.

Throughout the year, the facility may host special events for schools and/or the community, such as Spring Celebration or Harvest Festival.

We invite community to participate in the program as a field trip assistant, guest presenter, or garden helper. Teen and adult volunteers are encouraged to contact us for more information.

The Facility

The museum exhibits historic farm equipment, a blacksmith shop, country kitchen, antique wagons and carriages, and a restored fire engine.

The climate-controlled classroom seats 30 students and features a mural highlighting the Mangini Farm. The mural was painted in 2002 by Tim Sharman.

The garden is located behind the classroom and consists of eleven raised beds, a greenhouse, and compost bins. We grow a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

For more information about our educational program, please contact: Marisa Neelon, Program Coordinator Contra Costa County Fair.